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Tree Surveys for Planning Applications

We work with architects and developers throughout the North West supplying Planning Reports in accordance with BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction Recommendations. Your local planning department will expect a Tree Survey to have been compiled by a qualified Arboricultural Consultant if you have trees within 15 metres of the proposed development whether that is within the site area or on adjacent  land.

Our accurate  Tree  Surveys for Planning Applications help to ensure a smooth planning application process. Trees are a material planning consideration and the Local Planning Authority will expect a tree survey to support a planning application where trees are on or adjacent to development sites.

The service we provide includes unbiased advice, a survey, a comprehensive report and plans in accordance with BS5837 :2012 – Tree in Relation to Design Demolition and Construction  – recommendations.

Surveys start from £350. Please Call: 0151 353 8453


Most of our work is for home owners, architects and private developers. We can carry out tree surveys for house extensions, new builds, developments and solar parks. We offer not only a technical, professional service but also have a personal understanding of individual situations.

Our latest projects have been tree surveys for a solar park in Cheshire, a new build in West Kirby Wirral, a development in Prenton, Wirral and a new build in Betley Staffordshire. We also offer Arboricutural Supervision and Site monitoring service if necessary at £250 a day.

Our key offerings:

  • Tree Survey
  • Tree Constraints Plan
  • Arboricultural Impact assessment
  • Tree Protection Plan
  • Arboricultural Method Statement
  • CAD drawings in DWG format
Trees as part of the Tree Protection plan are protected with barrier fencing.

Trees as part of the Tree Protection plan are protected with barrier fencing.

Tree Survey for Planning

With careful planning and the right materials access roads can be put in next to protected trees. We advised that a cellular confinement system could be used which protected the roots of the trees whilst allowing vehicular access.